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At Hoerbiger, we offer design customized CAD automation solutions to make CAD designing even more convenient and value-driven. We customize and automate CAD design solutions per the client’s requirements and the tool they intend to develop. Our teams collaborate to leverage their technology expertise and several years of cumulative experience to automate the design aspect based on the tools’ design needs and customers’ strategic requirements.

design and CAD solutions serve the manufacturing industry. Our solutions minimize the manual design part and accelerate designing through automation. They reduce the time to market, help enhance product quality, and save efforts and costs substantially. We integrate the latest technology enabling smart data extraction, rule application, making informed decisions, and executing them appropriately, with minimal manual intervention.

Accordingly, the value our design and CAD automation solutions deliver includes,

  • Minimized need for design resources
  • Automation of routine, repetitive tasks
  • Manual errors and therefore rework reduced by about 50 to 60 percent
  • Design cycle time reduces by about 65 to 70 percent
  • Minimized production scrap
  • Improved compliance with the design standards involved
  • Senior professionals of the company can focus on innovation

Our Design and CAD Automation solutions

We offer DDM (Design Data Management), PDM (Product Data Management), and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solutions based on the products to develop.

Product Data Management

Our custom PDM solutions efficiently manage design data and engineering processes in a central location. They allow you to organize product-related insights, generate a Bill of Materials, track revisions, handle change orders, etc. You save time, reduce errors, and optimize your engineering efficiency with our CAD-integrated custom PDM solutions.

Product Lifecycle Management

We provide PLM solutions that efficiently manage the journey of a product from ideation to development and service to disposal. You can manage every part of the product’s lifecycle under a single solution. Managing the journey of a product under a standardized solution simplifies product management and helps you monitor its performance better.

Design Data Management

Our DDM solutions offer full lifecycle management and revision control of models, drawings, components, etc. They help companies provide the right information to the right people. We provide scalable DDM solutions that evolve and grow with your business. Our solutions provide a comprehensive electronic history audit trail to help ensure compliance. Other features or benefits include centralized backup, quicker upgrades, and low maintenance.