Global IT Infrastructure Support

At Hoerbiger, global IT infrastructure support forms part of our core offerings.

At Hoerbiger, global IT infrastructure support forms part of our core offerings. We provide hardware and software technical support to help keep systems up and running at all times.

Our service range involves providing IT helpdesk services, data center operations, WINDOWS system upgrades, network infrastructure management, SharePoint administration and lifecycle management. Our technical experts work relentlessly to provide prompt, accurate and effective technical solutions and services to increase system availability and ensure seamless IT operations.

Technical Assistance (IT Helpdesk Services)

Our technical assistance covers onsite and remote support to the following crucial user problems and areas. We work as a single point of contact (SPOC) that provides end-to-end assistance.


Data Center Operation

Our data center operations cover various applications used across the organization. We specifically work on PRTG Network Monitor application that enables us to monitor the health of every IT device across hundred of connected networks.


Windows Server Upgrade

Windows server upgrade services involve upgrading or migrating the existing Windows OS to the latest version. While performing upgrades and migration,


Network Infrastructure Management

Our experienced technical experts provide network infrastructure management services to optimize your network efficiency. Accordingly, our network infrastructure management services include,


SharePoint Administration

Our SharePoint administration services aim to help users work more productively and efficiently. We cover various critical areas concerning SharePoint administration including


Azure Managed Services

We provide comprehensive Azure management and administration support that covers,